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Poetry Workshop 1 of 6

Our Fall poetry workshop will take place over 6 sessions, each 1 hour on Saturdays from 1-2pm.

We’ll start each class with a prompt for writing a quick poem, since the best way to get into discussing poetry and how to write it is to actually write. After talking a little about our opening poems, we’ll do one of two things. Every other class, we’ll learn about a
new method of revision each class, followed by a new style of composition. Students will go home and write a poem in the new style, or edit a poem with the new method of revision.

For the classes in between, we’ll workshop some of the poems that we’ve written in those new styles or with those revisions as a group. Group workshops will begin with poems being read aloud both by their authors and by one other student. The group will then spend a few minutes commenting on the poetic devices and styles they notice in the poem, in an objective way. Then they’ll have a few minutes to say what they thought worked or didn’t work, subjectively speaking.

The intent is that individuals will emerge from the class with a newfound interest in the many forms poetry can take, new tools with which to write and revise their poetry, and a willingness to step outside of their comfort zones with their work.

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