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"Adventures of the Missing Sock" Author Event!

"Adventures of the Missing Sock" Storytime Event with Lizzie Lange, from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Storytime with percussion followed by signing and craft. FREE!


Where do your missing socks go when they leave you? This precious book answers that question and more! Lizzie Lange takes us all on an exciting adventure around the world, discovering the happy lives of socks who have followed their dreams and found their freedom. A black sock joins a symphony orchestra; a green sock frolics through the forest; a white sock dreams of assisting a snowman with his footwear. There is no end to the fun these adventurous socks have in their travels around the big, exciting globe, and there will be no end to your fun exploring these opportunities yourself! So, tag along, slip on some comfortable socks, and join the adventure! 

 About the Author

Lizzie Lange has spent most of her life being curious about the oddities and absurdities of daily life, exploring humor in the world, relishing the joy of silly puns, taking in the simple gifts of life, and thus jotting down children’s books ideas and writing poetry, all along the way. Originally from Kentucky, Lizzie loves spending her free time with her two young children playing or being active with biking, hiking, or playing sports. She is an avid UNC fan, when not exploring the wilderness or being in nature. Lizzie enjoys a hot cup of tea, random trivia, a good laugh, and living each day to the fullest. Find out more about Lizzie and her book on