We are here for YOUR school!

As a current bookstore owner and former school librarian and teacher, I am uniquely situated to partner with your school and your classroom throughout the year to help your students achieve literary success. Funds and time are precious resources in schools. So the most important questions is, what are your needs?

I’ve listed a few ways below that I can help your students, parents and staff throughout the year. If any of these ideas will help your students meet their literacy goals this year or if you have another idea, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to partner with you.

Book Orders

Access to engaging books is essential to building and sustaining a child’s love of reading. Whether you need a few thematic books for a unit, class sets for novel studies, help building a classroom library, or a last minute need for book grant fulfillment, we’re happy to help. Every book purchased through Read With Me for your classroom or school will be discounted 20% off retail price. We’ll even deliver your book order free of charge.

Verification of your current school assignment is required before receiving school discounts. School discounts are applicable to home schools with verification of home school registration. Discount applies only to books that will be used in the educational setting or for professional development. Book discount is only available through purchase order and not available in store. If using a grant, please verify your grant requirements before ordering to ensure you are using the allotted funds within set guidelines.

Author/Illustrator Visits

One of the most significant and memorable events your school can host is an author or illustrator visit. To truly experience a book come to life is to listen to the author read their book and speak with the students about their process, inspiration, and career.

Read With Me has the ability to bring amazing authors and illustrators to your school throughout the year. Read With Me can handle all the logistical needs of author/illustrator events before, during and after the event, including arranging for book sales, creating event notices, and on-site event management.

While we cannot guarantee a particular author, we will include you in correspondence as soon as we’re aware of an author who is coming to our area and interested in booking a school visit.


Wish-lists are one of the most effective ways to ask for and receive the books that you need for your classroom. Send Read With Me a list of books you want, or let us create one for you based on your curriculum. We’ll create the wish-list in our easy to use on-line ordering system, have you approve it, then simply share it with your parents, friends and family. They purchase the books, we delivery them to you, and you enjoy. Simple. Keep the wish-list going year round or just during the holidays. This is a great way to let everyone know you’d like books for gifts this year.

Kids Choice-Another fun way to use wish-lists is at the beginning of the year or at back-to-school. During the 1st week of getting to know your students, ask them what books they would love to have in their classroom. We’ll create a Kids Choice wish-list based on their requests, so that you can share it with parents and fill those shelves. What an incredible way to encourage reading and classroom involvement.

Interested in partnering?

Email Christine@ReadWithMe.us.

No money and no time? Along with Read With Me, we will get it done together. Within your school, there are potential resources to help you find the funds and/or volunteers to initiate literacy initiatives. Here are a few suggestions:

PTA, school librarian or media specialist, administration, Title 1 coordinator, resources coordinator, reading specialist, involved parents, high school students who need service hours, college students studying education or literacy.

Within your community, there are also resources to help fund literacy initiatives, such as:

Local banks, local restaurants, realtors, service organizations such as Kiwanis, Rotary and Junior League,