Thanks so much for your interest in Read With Me Children's Books & Art! While we’re not currently hiring, there are a few important ways that you can support our little shop in downtown Raleigh.

1- International Storytime - if you are fluent in a language other English and would like to read a few picture books with us, we offer international story time one Saturday each month at 10:30am. Email us to sign up!

2 - Shop in store and online with us! We offer both audio books and a comprehensive online book catalog that you can shop from.

3 - Spread the word about Read With Me! Letting people know we are here is a huge task and it's a marathon that we're here to win. The more people you can tell the better chances we have at being here long-term. We'd love to be recommending books to your kids and their kids and so on. Tell a friend, like us on FB or Instagram, shop with us. Every little bit helps a lot! Thank you!