Small Press Authors & Publishers


Thank you so much for your interest in Read With Me, A Children's Book & Art Shop. We love to support our authors and illustrators who help us to see the world in a fresh and brilliant light.

We carefully curate our books and our book selection criteria is strict.  We carry only high-quality, diverse and contemporary children's books, from ages 0-17. All of our books are displayed face-out so cover art must be outstanding, original and of professional quality. We do not carry books on consignment. We primarily carry hardcover books.

If you feel that your book meets our standards for selection and you would like your book to be considered for our store, please read the following "Advice from a fellow bookstore owner:" Thanks Jesse from @postmarksbookny for permission. 

Small-Published Authors: When pitching your books to stores, here are some suggestions.

  1. Be familiar with the shop, and be a customer. If you're new in town, buy a book and strike up a conversation. If you're local, don't make this your first interaction. 
  2. Come prepared with marketplace info, including (especially!) the marketing plan, but also target audience, press blurbs, sales victories to date. I know you're not a sales rep but you're taking on the role of one now. This is essential info a buyer needs to make a decision. 
  3. If you don't have this info and a buyer asks you for it (especially after agreeing to give you time she likely doesn't have), don't argue. Just say you'll follow up. Don't ask a buyer to research your book herself. This leaves us a chance to opt for a known bestseller instead. 
  4. Understand the audience in the area in which you're pitching. If you're local this is easy and you can describe how your book meets that demand. If you're not, check out the stock and ask the bookseller what sells best. If your book doesn't fit, it's OK to pass on this pitch. 
  5. Don't ask a store to help you promote your book at their own expense. If you haven't had a record of sales in that store, it's strange to ask them to host a book signing. Keep in mind that most of your marketing helps YOU; try to think of ways your book can help the store. 
  6. Most importantly, if all of this sounds like Greek to you, then take some time to get up to speed on the mechanics of the book supply chain. I promise you, the feeling of doing homework will pass and the knowledge will help you sell!

If you're ready to share your book with us, please email (preferred) or mail a copy. Please be sure to ask for a meeting if you wish to bring the book by yourself and expect to discuss it at all. Our address is 111 E. Hargett St #110, Raleigh NC 27601. Review copies will not be returned. Full text PDF's of books may be sent to us through email at

Book Release Celebrations and Signings

Want to celebrate your book with an event? If your book fits our criteria and you would like to host a book release celebration or book signing at our store, please contact us at We have a flat $100 fee for 60 minute events, which includes an arts and crafts component, in lieu of splitting the book sales. Please follow the book submission directions above. No requests will be considered until we have reviewed the full text copy of your book. 

*Please note that while we will advertise the event through our store and social media, we make no guarantee for the number of books sold or number of attendees at your event. 

Our storytimes are held on Saturdays from 11:00-12:00. The $100 fee for 60 minute author events includes an arts and crafts component, in lieu of splitting the book sales. Our craft fee after storytime is usually $5 per person but will be free for attendees. There will be a 10% sales tax and processing fee for any books that we sell or the author may sell through their own system at no extra cost to them. Food and drink, including alcoholic drinks, are permitted and we can help arrange any catering with Empire Eats or Bittersweet.

Thank you and best of luck with your creative endeavor!