Early-Release Book Club Membership

Early-Release Book Club Membership


Do you want to know what books are coming out before everyone else? Are you devouring your books and are always in need of more?

Then you need to join our Early-Release Book Club.


ERBC (Early-Release Book Club) is open to all ages (kids, adults, teachers, authors etc). Most of the early release copies we receive are for ages 9+. Meet-ups will be held every First Friday. Light snacks will be served. Meet-ups will be a casual gathering where you can trade copies and discuss (optional) what you've read. If you just want to grab a book and go, that's fine.


1- advance access to some of the best books being published across genres

2- have the opportunity for your book review to be published 

3- connect with other book fiends

4- monthly book club meet-up

5- you can borrow up to 5 books a month, if they can be read, reviewed and returned by the next month.

6- exclusive Facebook group

7- membership fee is one-time only


1- Read and send us a review of the book. If you do not complete the book, please explain why in your review. (What was unbearable about it?)

2- Books must be returned. 

3- Reviews should be short, at approximately 1 paragraph, but must contain complete, grammatically correct sentences.

Join anytime!

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